FugroViewer 3.4

FugroViewer helps users make the most of their geospatial data, with support for raster and vector data from photogrammetry, LiDAR and IFSAR sources

Optimize the use and processing of geospatial data. Access different types of raster and vector-based datasets, check the integrity and sequencing of input information, copy and extract specific segments, etc. Work with the input from photogrammetric, LiDAR, and IFSAR sources.

FugroViewer is a user-friendly software program that enables users to make the most out of their geospatial data. Developed by Fugro Geospatial Services, FugroViewer is designed to work with various types of raster- and vector-based geospatial datasets, including photogrammetric, LiDAR, and IFSAR data.

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